Reading SOUP are really happy to welcome you to our new website. This site is your hub to find out everything you need to know about our crowdfunding community.

Reading SOUP events support charities, causes, projects and ideas that help the people and the town of Reading.We’re inspired by the original Detroit SOUP project and run by a small team of volunteers.

At our events, we welcome three community projects or charities to pitch for their cause. For £5 entry your will get a bowl of freshly-made soup, live music, local art and a vote towards the pitch of your choice. The winning project then receives all the proceeds from the door towards their cause. Find out more about Reading SOUP.

Since starting in July 2015, Reading SOUP has held eight events, hosted 24 community projects and raised nearly £2,000 for causes in Reading, including Trust House Reading, Reading Association for the Blind and The Oxford Road TimeBank.

Take a click around our new site and you will find our 2017 event calendar, details of all the projects who have pitched and won at Reading SOUP and ways you can get in touch with us.

If you represent a project, or have an idea that you think will help make Reading better, and need funding to get you started, we want to hear from you. Our website features a new and easy way for you to apply – visit our online form to submit your application.

Our next event is happening on Wednesday 15 March at St Laurence’s Church, Friar Street and will focus on female focused projects and causes, in aid of International Women’s Day. Read more about our March event.

Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the SOUP community.

See you at the next SOUP!

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